White Sea Urchin

I have two white, pincushion type, urchins that I added to my tank several months ago. They have done their job and are now probably not getting enough to eat. They are reef friendly and do not eat coral. They devour hair algae and probably other algae too. I am going to let one go for now and likely let the other one go in the near future.
If anyone has a need for one and would like to trade a frag of something let me know.
If you don’t have a frag but really need it let me know.

Wilmington, near limestone road and kirkwood Highway

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I’m interested. How big is it? I have a lot of algae I rip out every week in my 24 gallon. Does it pick up frags?

It’s about 2” across.

Yes it picks up frags, shells, whatever it can get ahold of.

Would you like to trade for blue vice palys? I’ll get them on a proper frag plug this time.

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My blue vices are doing well, thank you.

We don’t need to trade, you can have it. Just let me know when and how we can set up a time to meet

I have off on Wednesday or the weekend. We could
meet at frags2fishes? Or how about at Pacific East aquaculture?