What do you think about sox

I’m thinking about doing away with sox. What are the pros and cons. I need to here from the masses? I have 2 return sox. I have about 30 lbs or more live rock in my sump plus proitein skimmer plus bio pellet reactor. Should I dare?

No filter-
No more cleaning nasty filters or buying new ones.
Detritus buildup in your sump is about the only negative.
Corals and fish may end up in your skimmer pump, return pump.

Keeps the floating organics from going back through the system.
Polishes the water to some extent which goes with the first pro.
Will catch fish or coral that goes through the over flow
Constant cleaning or purchasing
Po4 raises when left to long
Extra work ugghhhhh

Thats about all I can think of atm. I have personal not used a filter in my main system now for years. Only thing I do not like is the detritus build up and the occasional anemone in the sump.

That’s pretty much my take on it too. I stopped using them a while back. You have to clean the muck out of your sump from time to time, but I’d rather do that than have to deal with socks over and over again.