Virtual club meeting

It’s been awhile - anyone interested in having a virtual club meeting?

Suggested topics:

  • Clever DIY tips and tricks - show one of your DIYs with the group
  • Virtual tank tour - show us your tank, gear, corals, and fish
  • Coral or critter spotlight - tell us about one specific coral or critter, care tips, benefits, etc.

Two questions:

  • Would you be interested in attending or sharing in an upcoming virtual meeting?
  • Would Saturday December 5th at 2pm work as a meeting time?
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Yes, I’m in favor of a virtual meeting. Looking forward to seeing( haha) everyone.

I’m down for a virtual meeting. Thanks for the suggestion Adam!

Tank tours were fun. I like the idea of showing a DIY project too.

I’m down! I miss everyone and want to catch up!

Let’s do it!!


Anyone interested in sharing?

Can we get the word out on the Facebook site as well?

What’s the latest on this effort?

I can provide a brief update on a new system in setting up. It’s not up and running yet. I can briefly give an update on my existing tank (24 and 4 gallon) which I showed at the last meeting.

Adam- can we get to get some momentum going for a meeting on Facebook too?

Excited to see what everyone is up to in the hobby!

I’m no longer on Facebook, so I can’t help there but if someone can post I’d appreciate it.

I can chime in about the “re-boot” and progress of my biggest tank. Maybe talk briefly about the circumstances leading up to the crash. And how I plan to avoid the issues going forward

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I posted on Facebook to get some interest let’s try to make this happen in December!

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Are you planning to host the meeting via zoom?


Yep, happy to donate my Zoom account to the cause!

Let’s pick a date. Does next Saturday look good?

I’m in. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

I’d love to watch. Don’t have much to offer. But love watching and learning

I’m down for next Saturday.

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I’m down for next Saturday as well.
Does 1:00PM work for those who are interested?

Yes works for me.

I am new to the group but very interested in getting to know you all.

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Ok…so is it official? 1 PM tomorrow?