Two skimmers for NO3


Still trying to bring my nitrates down. My Nyos is great but I still have the Reef Octo 150. Curious if having two will help. I guess in six to eight weeks I’ll find out.

Anyone run two skimmers?

I do not run two skimmers, and actually my skimmer is undersized for the size of my tank.

I have gone back and forth with skimmer, no skimmer, and have had different sized skimmers. I always pull dark skimmate and keep it on the dry side. But the biggest nutrient export and most effective for me has always been growing macro algae in my sump.

It took me a few different set ups to “dial it in” but what has been most efficient for my current set up is a cheap PAR38 LED light hanging over a ball of cheato

I like to under skimm just a bit because my coral have seemed to be happier that way. I think maybe they have more stuff in the water column to suck up, not sure.

There are so many different ways to skin that cat. I hope the double skimmer gets you good results!

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I’m using a skimmer and a Clarisea 5000 filter roller on the 125 fowlr. My skimmer is undersized and the filter roller takes way too much of the good/bad stuff so I only run skimmer for 4hrs. I assumed my test kit was no good but I tested the water in the skim cup and soaked the roller mat in tank water and have proper readings. My tank is very young with only 2 clowns and a 8 member clean up crew.
Hope this helps.

I’m with @Donavon on this. Par38 grow bulb over chaeto has done more for me than any skimmer did.

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I have a skimmer and bulb set up in the sump and that combo also works fine for me

put some biohome ultimate marine media in a low flow area of the sump…works well

Look into carbon dosing. It can work too well sometimes, so go slow. As others have suggested, I find the fuge to be the most effective nutrient export, almost to the point of being a problem - part of the reason I only run a skimmer at the moment.