Travelling Frag Tank

I have been scouring eBay, BRS,, and all over the internet for the perfect frag tank (for me), and couldn’t find exactly what I wanted.
There were plenty of acrylic tanks that were close but the footprint didn’t match what I was looking for at the height I was after. I inquired about custom building to my dimensions then the cost was much more. So rather than settle for almost the right size I decided to build my own, thinking it would be fun and probably save a few bucks.

Well the saving a few bucks part went out the window, but after a lot of scratching my head, punching on a calculator, and pestering the poor woman at the glass company, I finally decided on the exact size, types of glass, and stepped into another project, because I don’t have enough projects …

I will update this as I go but for now the glass has arrived.


Yessssss! This is gonna be awesome!

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Years ago I built my own frag tank with acrylic and was fun to do.
looking forward to see the progress you make on this DIY project :+1:

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I agree this looks awesome!! What are dimensions of the tank you are building?

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The footprint is 24x20

It will have an overflow in the rear at 4” wide

That gives me about 23 1/2” long left to right and 16” front to back at 8” deep

This will hold 6 square frag racks that are about 7 1/2” square

The bottom glass and overflow divider are dark grey (almost black) the rest is standard green edged glass

In planning to take the bottom frame off of a 10 gallon tank and cut it up to fashion four “feet” at each corner to keep it off of the table/stand

Going to use black silicone to put it all together

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Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Started piecing the tank together today:

I started with the divider that separates the display from the filtration/media area ( I needed to get the baffles securely in place before moving forward, they are suspended and I couldn’t think of a good way to do that without letting them set a few hours ahead of the rest.

P.S. I actually took one of the baffles (center one) back to Kennett Glass to be shortened. I overlooked the height of the baffle being the same height as the bottom of the overflow. I didn’t think the water would flow well through the baffles this way so I took an inch off of the center one.

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Once the baffles were set up and curing for about two hours I set two adjacent sides in place before installing the divider with baffles.

I figured it would be easier to do this before setting up all four sides.

Prior to setting the sides I put tape under the bottom glass to use as stableizers as each piece goes up. Once the corners were squared up I used additional tape to keep them from sliding out of position.

In hind sight I would have positioned the rear panel first followed by the divider with baffles, then the side, but it turned out ok.

The last two sides went pretty easily, now I am waiting for it to fully cure before attempting to move it.
I decided to wait until all of this set up and cured before putting the inside bead around all of the corners. If this was a permanent tank and didn’t have the complexity of the baffles I would have done this as I went. I am confident that I have a good seal on all of the joints and I will water test it before putting the final bead in place.

I am happy with the results so far.


I went ahead and put the bulkhead in place and loosely set up the return hardware just to see what it would look like.

I think I will only use about half of the length of flex joints that I purchased.

Looks like I will have plenty of room to put a heater, pump, and media basket for filtration.


Looking good, nice job!!!

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How heavy will it be when finished?

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I’m not sure, that’s a good question. It doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be too bad.

It shouldn’t be much worse than the 20 gallon long I used to lug around

Thanks John it’s a fun project. I dred smoothing out the silicone, Im not good at it

That is really impressive and looks sharp! Can’t wait to see it in action.

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Super clean and professional looking @Donavon ! People are gonna be jealous at the swaps :slight_smile:

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The tank is weighing in at 29 pounds, a little heavier than I thought it would be.

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