Tiny worm, friend or foe?!

I know there are probably all kinds of creepy creatures in my tank that I don’t see and don’t know about and today I found one that I have never seen before. I will post a few pictures here to see if anyone can help me identify it.

There were at least three of these little boogers sliding there way up the corner of my 3 gallon nano tank. I barely saw them and it was about 15-20 minutes after lights out.

  • they are about 1/4 inch long retracted
  • they double that to 1/2 inch stretched out
  • they have the ability to wriggle spazmatically in a sort of swimming motion

Pictures and videos to follow…

Links to videos:

Weird! Definitely looks like a bristle worm of some kind or another, but I haven’t seen one move like that before. The clear, sort retractable head reminds me of something but I can’t recall what now…

At least it isn’t a fireworm!

Limited Edition, Rainbow, Pygmy, Bristleworms (tank raised)

They should color up quickly

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