Tank upgrade advice

Might upgrade my 75 gallon 4 ft tank to a 6 ft or larger sometime in the near future. Can anyone recommend a company in the greater Newark, DE area to safely move it down the stairs to my basement? My wife wants it located in the same location as my current tank so I’m not sure if It’s better to move the old tank or try and transfer the same day.

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Sure,it’s called get a few people from the club to help :blush:! I recently moved my 180 down my basement stairs with a total of 4 people. It wasn’t the easiest thing but I would be willing to help. I have pressure mounted suction cups used for carrying glass that I used to carry the 180 and they work surprisingly well. What size tank are you looking to get? If you are looking for a professional I know there are some companies so hopefully other people in the club will chime in with recommendations.