Switching from Kalk to 2 Part

I’m currently dosing Kalkwasser via ato. Thinking about switching to ESV B-ionic 2 part in the near future. How would I determine how much to initially dose? Want to try and avoid any swings in alkalinity.

@JustSumGuy used to use that before switching to his reactor. He may have some tips to share.

You should do a test to figure out how much you drop over the course of a day. Stop dosing kalk, measure alk in the morning (twice and average them is my suggestion) and then do it again 24 hours later. That’s your daily drop. Then you can use a calculator, like the one BRS has to determine how much to dose. I usually do 50% to make sure something isn’t off and wait to test until 24 hours later. If it dropped by half as much, double the dose and stick with that.

Thanks! That was very helpful.

If you are going to esv buy it by the 8 gallon kit. best bang for the money and that way if it goes on back order you have time before you run out to buy the next kit lol.
ESV by far was my favorite for adding 2 part along with trace and mineral and cost.
Few things that you need to know are going to be your alk consumption easy way is just test first thing in the morning and then again before bed. The size of the tank and what is your current stock is it heavy sps, lps or light load.
How will you be dosing, will it be automated or manual. If you are using a apex dos I can send you a good template. I have mine dose alk on the hour every hour and ca every thirty

Thanks Jeff. Appreciate the feedback. I will be dosing via Apex DOS. Read online about people having difficulty in get the Alkalinity solution mixed.

Warm up the bucket with a clean heater or put it in the tub filled with hot and also warm up the rodi. That will help it dissolve better. Same with the calcium bucket. Sometimes it can take a couple days specially if you get the buckets in colder months. If you want shoot me your email and I can send you a profile for the dos units that I already put the hours in setting up.

So looks like you can’t save the file so for anyone else running Apex Dos and want a great starter profile you can search
User justsumguy
Alk-dosed xx:00-xx:15
Ca-dosed xx:30-xx:45