Sump Recommendations

I just bought a NUVO 30L EXT with the matching stand but I think I may have screwed up. The inside of the stands dimensions are 32.31" x 10.68" x 33.75" and I cannot find a sump that will fit in this stand. Anyone know if a sump that will fit in these dimensions? I’ve already tore the box up and thrown it away or I would send it back and look for another stand. The original plan was to go with a trigger systems 26 sump. Thanks.

That’s pretty tight… Have you emailed the trigger systems of Nuvo folks to ask?

The email I got back from Innovative Marine is below. I’ve been searching both brands and don’t see a sump they sell with that will fit the dimensions. Majority of the sumps I can find are a minimum of 12in wide and I need about 10 or 10.5. Builds of this tank online all use custom stands and now I know why. Looks like a custom sump might be the way to go.

"Hi Adam,

Our previous customers have purchased Eshopp Sumps or Fiju Sumps for the 30L EXT. I shared the interior dims below for your review to compare with other possible sumps.

Interior Dimensions: 32.31" x 10.68" x 33.75"