Some new sps I recently got

So I have been working a lot lately and decided to treat my self to a nice sps pack from another reefer. I picked up the following: Bc Houdini, rmf tigers blood, cc rainbow hyacinthus, inland cyclops, cc dark night, Bc blue ghost, Bc aquabat, Bc firecracker, cc dream catcher, Bc skinny love, and snipers blue.

not the best picture as this was right after being placed in my tank. I plan to use this thread to keep updates as they grow

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Congrats on the new frags! :slight_smile:

Thanks I will try to get Better pics this one is horrible

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All I see is blue sticks. If you have a Samsung phone adjust the white balance as much as possible. On the s10+ you have 20k of white balance you can adjust. I think iphones only have like 5 to 7k.

Thats a nice list of sticks you got there. I am looming at adding a few more myself though I just got a order in the other week that set me back a bit.

I have an iPhone 7 I need to take it with the whites on

Looking forward to better pics. Is that a snail in the front or a coral ?. Congrats on the new specimens.

Here are some better pics I think?

and it’s big turbo snail.


good looking frags and much better pics :+1:

Nice they look good, I thought it was a turbo ;p

Good luck with the new frags, they all look very nice.