Small colonies of World Wide Coral’s yellow tip Acropora

I have 4-5 very large frags/mini colonies of world wide coral’s yellow tip Acropora for sale. $50 per frag. WWC charges $89 for 1 inch frag these are multi branch 3-4 inches high. Please let me know if you are interested.

How does this compare to granulosa/ Miyagi tort? Any colony pics?

Interested, would like to see pics.

This photo is from WWC and its pretty on point with what the frags/mini colonies look like except they are not as quite blue towards the top. I will take pictures later today of the frags so you can see the size of them. My phone take horrible pictures so the colors won’t be right.

Here is picture of the M

other Colony and one of the frags

I would like to buy one of your frags. When can we meet up? I live in Bear, De.

Do you have any thing left?

Mike yes I do still have 5 left. Sorry I was traveling. If you want to meet here so that you can pick the frag of your choice just let me know. I can do tonight or tomorrow

I’m sorry also. I just got on the site and saw your reply. And time this weekend.

Any chance you have frags left? I would be interested, please let me know

Yes I have 3 left

Thanks, I Sent you a private message

Thanks for your generosity today, the corals look great!

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Glad to hear it I’ll let you know when I decide to frag that one coral.

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