Show me pics of your “must have” items that are less than $25

We all have those little items that make this hobby fun and easier to keep up with maintenance. Besides the almighty 5 gallon bucket I’ve found the two other items almost indispensable. The humble dish tray has kept countless drips off of the floor as I change filter socks and service equipment. I use the label maker to label both ends of every cord, plug, and tube on my system which has saved me countless hours when I have to plug, unplug, and reconfigure gear.

What are your items that you would never want to go without?


I have tons of inexpensive handy tools, some are necessary and some just make things so much easier.
Here are a few:

  • Dollar store measuring cups and spoons (I mix my own supplements because its way cheaper)

  • Funnel and milk jugs the funnel is a must because my supplements are stored in the jugs

  • Side cutting nail clippers (main tool for fragging, it also comes in handy for removing pests such as vermetid snails)

  • The orange thing is a bucket lid remover (not necessary but has saved many painful broken fingernails)

  • Turkey baster (blowing off rocks, target feeding)

  • Aquarium tongs (I probably use this every day, this one has interchangeable scissors end for trimming my freshwater plants)

  • Digital thermometer for quick checks on the three tanks, I also bring it to the frag swaps

  • Hydrometer for checking salinity (I have tried several brands over the years all have proven to be innacurate with exception to this one, it is 8-10 years old and is still on point, I check it every few months with a calibrated refractometer)


I need one of those dish trays. I just drip all the way across the house :slight_smile:

The tank grabber tool, absolutely. Great to push something or move it without having to get down to the bottom of the tank.

Here’s mine:

  1. Long, angled shears for snipping stuff off the rocks. New addition for fighting an invasive polyp.
  2. E-cloth for cleaning the glass. Just wipe the outside with water and then shine with the cloth. No worries about chemicals.
  3. Super glue gel. Nuf said.
  4. Orphek orange glasses. Love looking at the tank when it is just blues with these on really makes everything look amazing.


Love this thread! Lots of useful tips!

Storage bin for testing equipment

Magnetic Stir - Makes testing a breeze. Which means your more inclined to do it

Media cups and polyfil - Hate cleaning filter socks