Selling my 120, livestock, rocks, equipment

I have struggled with this tank from the day I bought it from That Pet Place. It’s never taken off, and in part, I just don’t have time for it. Between the kids sports, coaching, work, and my wife, it gets neglected. I try to keep up with the water changes and feeding, but it’s just a struggle.

I think at this point, I’ll just keep the Biocube 29 since it’s on the main floor of the house.

Some of the stuff the 120 has is 120 lbs of Marco rocks, a lot of coralline algae, a purple stylophora that has managed to make it through a tank that had a dkh of 5.9 and is colored and growing, a rainbow BTA, captive bred hippo tang, a yellow tang, tomini tang, 2 clowns that breed once a week it seems, and an active midas blenny.

The stand is homemade by me and over-engineered with 3 removable doors and posts for easy sump maintenance and my brother in law (engineer with Dupont) estimates the tank will hold in excess over 4k lbs. Additionally, the buy gets a 302 aquatics sump, RO Classic 200 INT, 2 finnex HMO heaters, Apex Classic with module for mp 40 control, 2 MP 40’s QD, 5x80 ATI T5, double junction ph, regular ph, Tunze 3155 ATO with container that holds approximately 12 gallons of water, eheim autofeeder with chimney.

The T5 and MP40’s alone are about $1k if I sold separately, asking $2k for the whole thing. Equipment, rock, livestock.

Only caveat that I will say is, like a moron I built the stand in the garage, so it needs to be shimmed.

If you know someone who is looking to have start up with zero wait time, this thing is ready.

I’m sorry to hear it. I’ve had some frustrations of my own in recent months.

If you would be willing to sell it separately, I’d be interested in the Rainbow BTA.

Good luck with the sale.

What is the length of the light maybe interested if you decide to sell seperate.

It’s 60” (6x80W). I would like to sell everything together because it literally is a plug n play for someone who has time

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The light is 6x80W …

Stupid typo