Reef Automation Speaker 4/24/21 3:00 PM

Reef Automation Q & A session.
Come prepared with questions. Examples include specific questions pertaining to Apex or GHL controllers, automatic water changes, temperature controllers, back up system for power outages, automatic water testing systems etc.

Date: 4/24/2021

Time: 3:00 pm EST

Place: Online (Zoom link): Launch Meeting - Zoom

Raffle prize: Three piece frag pack: (Blueberry Fields zoas, Fore and Ice zoas, and a mint green bounce mushroom.

Speaker: Derrick Picker
Derrick is the creator and host of the Facebook Group and YouTube Channel called Reef Automation. He has been in the hobby for about 30 years and programming for about 25 years. He covers various reef automation topics including programming with the objective of making reef automation less intimidating for the average hobbyist.

If you are on Facebook please respond ‘interested’ or ‘going’ when the Event is created in the club’s page.

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Raffle prize update: Donavon will generously donate a frag of blueberry fields zoas, fire and ice zoas, and a mint green bounce mushroom!


Fields and Fire and Ice zoas, frag will have at least 5 polyps


Thanks for the zoom meeting. Very informative and thoughtful. I see now that I will use my Hydros as a mechanical controller and a Mastertronic or Apex for chemistry. The future is lookin bright and expensive! Gotta do what you love in life tho.

Glad you were able to join! It was good hearing about your experience with hydros. I’m still not sure what controller I will get.

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Thanks Derrick for the talk. I am going to talk a look at the Hydros. If Apex is not going to come out with Wifi then Hydros may be an option for my other needs.