Red Planet acro growing or dying.... or nothing


I acquired this red planet acro about 1.5 weeks ago. And have just been watching for discoloration. I noticed it is more pink during the day and red at night. The polypa extend pretty nice it seems. But I noticed that near the base is a white area. Is it death or growth im not sure. Please excuse the algea on the frag, looking to clean that off tonight. Not sure that has an effect.

At first I thought maybe too much light but no way that its it. Details below

40g breeder
Xr15 g4 running ab+100 for 5 hours and all blues for 4. 1 hour ramp up and down.
Dosing red sea alk 2 ml per week

Stats: 6/14/2020
Salinity 1.025
Ph 7.95
P04 .08
N03 0 to 2
Alk 7.3
Temp 77f

Hard to tell from the pics.
When cleaning the algae from the plug try and keep the frag under water the whole time. Frags will get stressed after being moved into a new environment. If you are seeing polyp extension, that is good.
Did you dip the frag before placing it in your tank?

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I did not as previous attempt to dip killed my last 2 frags. Ill keep that cleaning tip in mind. Right now my thought is just clean up the plug and let it be. The light shouldn’t be bleaching it so that mean if it declines its more than likely my water. Those stats I listed have been consistent for 6 weeks now. Everything else looks fine.

I agree with John, If you see polyp extension then it should be ok. I have had parts of my Red Planet go white but come back. It may take awhile.

Thanks for the input , so far I cleaned the frag plug some while keeping the coral under water. I need to take another pass at it. I was able to get some clearer photos today. This is my first acro so not to sure what it is I’m seeing yet. It does appear in RL to have a bright yellow/green tint where the white area is. Also it looks like polyps are out in that area.

Better pics, that looks like new growth around the base. the frag looks good , and good polyp extension. FYI, I would leave it alone and let it get acclimated to your tank. Just my 2 cents.

Cool, that’s what I will do then. Thanks for providing input.

To much light typically will bleach the whole thing and not just the new encrusting part. New growth is normal to be white with elevated alk and low nutrients. From what I can make out in your pictures it looks good and I would not be worried

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