Pulsing Xenia Frags

Anyone have any pulsing Xenia frags available? I am thinking of doing a Xenia filter as the main part of my refugium.

Don’t have any to offer, but I love this idea!

Thanks Adam! We will see how it goes.

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I have a few small pieces that have popped up on my old rocks in one of my tanks.
Probably 3 small frags.

I’ll chip them off over the next few days. When do you want them?

Awesome!! Let me test the water to see how the cycle is going and get back to you! How much do you want for them?


Price is Firm

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That seems a little steep :wink:!! Probably in a couple weeks. Tank is still cycling or I am assuming it is (haven’t tested yet). I’ll let you know when I’m ready. Thanks again!

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I found 6 pieces, I glued 4 to a tile already. I’ll get the others if I can get to them, just let me know when you are ready, they aren’t going anywhere.

No rush

Thanks man! I put my first fish in yesterday so I think I’m ready for the Xenia! I will be up in Newark on Thursday and Friday of this coming week so let me know what day works best for you and I can swing over to your place on my way home from work or we can meet up whatever works best for you.

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Cool Friday is probably good, what time?