NYE trip to de, anybody have sum nice colonies/clams/fish for sale? hmu

anybody have sum nice coloines of palys,clams/or other corals, will b in newark de from dec 30th till jan 2nd, hmu iwth picts and prices, happy reefing new year 2020

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I have a few that might be of interest.

Green Pallys

Green Pocillopora

Red/Purple Pocillopora

Cabbage Leather

And a selection of MontiCap frags

Ive got a bunch of palys in a clump on my sandbed. The hobbyist I got them from scraped them off his frag rack which they were overgrowing so they aren’t attached to anything. I set them in my sandbed while I figured out where I wanted them. but they grow so fast before I knew it they had formed a mat and now live as an island reminiscent of a large gonipora colony on my sandbed. Im too scared to give them a home on my rockwork given their growth rate ahaha. They look almost identical to pandoras but slightly larger. They are gorgeous under actinic lighting. But under yellow or white light they look much more muted. there’s probably 50-100 polyps. they grow so fast you can have as many as you like for free. Just leave me a dozen or so and they should be all grown back in a few months.

Ive got a couple dozen heads of armor of gods. Ive got no experience actually fragging palys off of rocks but you are welcome to reach in and frag a few off for a fair price.

I also have a lobo and trachy that need rescuing that you could have for real cheap given their condition.

ssure i’ll take them, thanks i need yur address n zip, we can figure a time frame for me to stop by, rick here email me at muscleboy1967@aim.com directely… thanks, i’ll birng a cooler with taht many, let me know iwth a reply email to my account, thanks again,

hey budy, did u eamil yur address n zip??

just sent an you an email

didtn get an email from u yet, muscleboy1967@aim.com its aim.com not aol…