Neptune’s apex lunar simulator

Just added this to my apex system. Looks awesome. Yellow stripe maroon clown fish spawned for the first time in a year after system was on for 4 days. This system of blue led lights mimic the exact lunar cycle. It’s off during the new moon and slowly increase light intensity until the full moon. Then decreases back towards the next new moon. I did not have this option on my main led lights.

This is at its brightest Because of the full moon. I love new toys

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Very cool. Tank is looking good as well.

Looks awesome Mike

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Trying to download more pictures with lights on and I am having trouble. Oh well there’s one

Very nice looking SPS colonies
What is the very large Green/Purple colony called?

Hawkins Echinata

That’s cool, Mike!

Mike tank looks awesome!!!

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Finally got another one up. Thanks everyone.

Mike, are you using a calcium reactor?

No. I dose EVS calcium and alkalinity.