Neon Dottyback needs a new home

I have a Neon Dottyback in search of a new home. Beautiful fish, but a mean mofo. Great if it’s the only fish in your tank. Free to a good home.

I’ll take him. Do you have a picture.

Hi Mike,

You like adopting my fish, lol.

I don’t but it looks just like this:

When would you like to come pick it up?

Thursday Friday or Saturday. You name the place and time.

Wanna cone pick it up at my house in Wilmington? Friday?

Sounds good to. P.M. Me your address

Mike, I’m not sure if you got the PM. I am heading out for a bit this morning. Should be back home after 2:00. I sent you my cel number so feel free to text me. You also still might have it from when I sold you the lightning wrasse.

He is doing well in my tank. One reason is he is the smallest fish. He is having fun hiding in and out of the rock work. Eating well to. Not the bullie he used to be.

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I’m so glad to hear it. It’s a beautiful fish.

All best in 2020!