Morning on the reef

Grabbed a few pics of the reef under all blues this morning. Let’s see your glowing pics!


Good morning all!



That is BRIGHT green! Slimer?

Very colorful pics guys, everything looks great!

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Got plenty of frags to give away free if anyone wants one.

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@MarineMike5 - At some point in the future I might take you up on it. I’m new to the hobby with just softies but would be happy to swap what I do have.

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Sizzle Fun, I will save one for you. Let me know when you are ready. No swap nessasary. That’s what we do here. Help everyone out.

I’d love another piece. The last one I got from you died in QT (that’s on me). When we’re allowed to be around other people again, I’ll take you up on that! :smiley:

Got one for you also Adam. No problem. Hope we can have a meeting at my house when this virus has cleared.

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Sounds great to me! I’m looking forward to it!


Amazing! Are those the blueberry fields from the grow out contest?

Thanks Adam. Yes that is some of them in the middle of pic #1, there is another bunch, not as large on the other side of my tank

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GB Newblood

Vivid Magneto, home wrecker finally getting pink and coming back from almost losing it, Vivid Bubblegum

Vivid Chrometable

Just a awesome Acan don’t remember the name

JF Unknown(actual name, think jf renamed to barney)

Jawbreaker Momma


Let me know when some frags are ready

I will trade you something Mike for a piece of the green slimer.

Beautiful photos John.

Here are a few of my 180g.


Thank you. Ellen.
Your tank looks awesome, everything is growing out well. I love all the tangs.
I know it hasn’t been that long since you setup your 180 gal, you have done an incredible job.
Exactly how long has it been since you started it?