Looking for a used tank

Hey guys. I’m looking for a smaller tank set up for my niece. I have an African cichlid (peacocks) tank and one had about 25 babies. I was looking to start her with a few fish in a 20 gallon to see how she does with it. If she takes to the hobby I’ll upgrade the tank. Just wondering if anyone knows of a place that sells used tanks and equipment or if anyone has anything laying around that their looking to move. Thanks!

Hey Freck89 - bummer I just sold a nice 65 gallon set on Craigslist. I have an unused 29 gallon tank but that probably isn’t enough of an upgrade for you.

If you have a little time I’d keep an eye of Craigslist. A lot of people are willing to unload larger tanks when they move and summer is prime time for moving. I’ve picked up several nice tanks that way of the years.

I have a 20 long with a HOB filter if your interested. No lid or top light. I have an kessel A80 with gooseneck mount less than 1 year old i can sell for 100 if your interested in that. I live in mid Delaware. Let me know if this interests you and we can set something up. If you juat want the tank that fine too.

Also tank has black on the back and side which can be easily removed or peeled off