Looking for a new rodi filter

Looking to upgrade my rodi filter. The one I have now isn’t cutting it. Way too slow and I don’t like the cartridges. I forget the brand but it has the quick connect type cartridges. The resin cartridge seems to wear out quick. The resin can’t be changed because the cartridge is a concealed unit. Any suggestions on a good quality rodi? Looking to purchase quickly.
Thanks guys

With the exception of Spectrapure, I think most of the systems are about on par for performance these days. They mostly all use the same catridges. Do you have the Aquatic Life system now?

This is a pretty nice system from Marine Depot: https://www.marinedepot.com/marine-depot-kleanwater-4-stage-advanced-ro-di-system-100-gpd

If you have low water pressure, this one has a built-in booster pump: https://www.marinedepot.com/puratek-deluxe-100-gpd-ro-di-filter-system-aquamaxx At $270, that’s a pretty sweet deal IMO.

Yeah. The aquatic life system is what I have now. Thanks for the links and information. What’s ur thoughts on the aquatic life? Is it inferior to others or are my expectations too high?

Those are 2 really good deals

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AquaticLife makes good stuff but it is designed to be easy to use, not cost effective or efficient. A booster pump will substantially improve the performance and output of your system and having standard chambers means you can get inexpensive replacements from anywhere.

I got mine from brs and then bought the booster pump off Amazon. The pump made a huge difference and wish I did it a lot sooner

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I was extremely happy when I added a booster pump to my set up as well. In my opinion it’s definitely worth the investment. With regards to resin I use the BRS brand although I went through it fast (one canister ~ 75 gallons). After doing some research I found out that people who have well water can have a higher level of CO2 in their source water which burns through resin. I created a DIY CO2 diffuser and now get 5 to 6 times more usage out of the same canister of resin.

I can do a quick write up on it sometime.

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I get all my stuff from Air Water and Ice:


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My system runs on well water, I would be very interested to read about this setup.

Great input! Thanks.

Happy to - CO2 degasser for RODI units

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Thanks for taking the time to write up about how you constructed the degasser.
I am going to follow your instructions and install on my RODI system


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puratek all the way…i’m on my 4th one over 20 yrs …auto flush feature + booster pump make this unit un-touchable for the price.