LFS in Delaware

Any good LFS up state DE worth checking out? Only thing we have in Sussex is Petco and they have only like 3 fish in stock every time I stop by.

Petco usually restock thurs.so.etimes Tues. People I think kill the fish and but a new one each week lol. Anyway don’t discretid them my best fosh have come from there actually. I’m in middletown, the store is nicer.

There is a shop out in bear.

Frags2fishes is in PA but it’s like 10 mins from main street in Newark.

I have heard there is a place in dover but I have not been or looked into it.

When I first got into the hobby the manager at the Petco in seaford was so much help and they always keep a good variety in stock. But the last couple years it’s not been great All new employees. The tanks are dirty and most of the time they don’t even have the lights on. The fish bowl used to be in Dover but they recently went out of business.

Williams Green bank is a good fish store. He has had little stock though with the price of shipping doubling. Just waiting for that to come down.

I’m a fan of Frags2Fish, probably the best store around Newark.

Dr. Mac’s Pacific East Aquaculture is definitely worth a trip, think he only stocks captive breed fish so i’d imagine selection is limited. It’s near Salisbury MD

I’ve been to Dr Macs a lot. He’s mostly just got clowns. That’s my go to place for corals. I started a new system and just wanted to go to some new places to look at some fish to decide what I want.

That Fish Place in Lancaster, PA usually has a decent assortment of fish. But I have not been there since March so I don’t know what they have now. You might be able to find out what they have by checking their web site, although I occasionally found that to be unreliable.

Really want a fire fish for the first fish in the tank I just can see myself spending 30 plus bucks on shipping a 15 dollar fish.

I think that is a good choice for a first fish. Just be sure to have a cover on the tank as they are jumpers.
If you can’t find one at a LFS, maybe you can order some clean up crew inverts along with the fish to make the shipping price less painful.

Good idea. I have two clowns I’ve had for 6 years just don’t feel comfortable moving them into the new tank until I know everything is in order.

Aquarium specialities always has a nice selection from wha to have seen on their fb page. Could hit up them green banks and frags2fishes although frags has no fish currently as redoing their setup

The Fish Bowl is currently located in Dover.

They went out of business last month. I think it was due to COVID.

WOW thanks for the info