Let's see some pics!

It has been forever since I’ve seen anyone else’s reef or been to a LFS. Let’s see some pictures!

My clownfish has finally settled in with her plate anemone. She spends most of her time here now

I love the way this acan colony glows under blues!


Hear you go


Looks awesome Mike! That slimer is huuuuuuuge.

What’s the bright pink coral to the left of it?

Adam, that RFA is gorgeous! How big is it across?

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Beautiful mature tank!

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Awesome tank pics Adam and Mike :camera:

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Thanks @Jessica !

Here’s a better shot (dirty glass, sorry). It is probably 4” across.

Here is its neighbor. :slight_smile:

New additions from Frags2Fishes

A pic of one of my favorite fish


Tank looks great Adam!

Thanks for the virtual tour today on the meeting

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Those first zoas are nice John!

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Wow — I’m feeling inspired! What a beautiful display of so many different types of coral. I haven’t done much research on RFAs but they look cool. Mikes tank it completely insane! :slight_smile:

One of my friends helped me pick up the tank a year ago but hasn’t seen it so I put together this video. It’s only a minute and a half but as I was making it it reminded me of all the amazing interactions and creatures that live in our tanks!

Thanks to everyone who is already shared and keep them coming!


nice tomato ! where did u get it from ?

I got the Tomato clown and long tentacle from Petco. I try my best to patronize the mom and pop stores first but my local Petco has a decent selection of fish as well.

Great video

Great video. Did you film that on your phone?

I did but honestly it started with taking some random videos before “lights out”. It was surprisingly fun and easy to put something together.

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Here’s Lori’s Tank.


Super clean, looks great!

Wow! That filled in fast! Looks great!

You can’t even see any rock work

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