Hounds Bay Corals

I am selling some mini colonies and frags from my tank to make room for some new purchases. The mini colonies are HBC Candelabra acro from my mother colony, these have been growing out for years in my 180 gal, probably since the last club frag swap.
I also have frags of Jason Fox Jack o Lantern from my mother colony.
here are pics under all blue and full spectrum LEDs.
Since I live in Salisbury,MD, I would be willing to meet halfway, like in Dover, since I beleive many club members live up North.

Candelabra acro

Jack O Lantern

mini colonies…$60

Jack O Lantern…$20 Purple Candy Cane 10heads…$50
2 end JOL are SOLD Candy Cane …SOLD

Large colony of Watermelon Zoas @ 200 polyps…$100 SOLD

Smaller colony of Watermelon Zoas @ 70 or more…$50

Watermelon Zoas…$25

Blue Zoas @ 45…$40 SOLD


Wow! Nice stuff!

Thanks Adam. I have some other items to add, hopefully tomorrow
Smaller frags of watermelon zoas and a nice large bunch of blue zoas

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Everything looks great John!

Wow some super fair deals right there!

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I love that jacko lantern. If anyone from up this way is buying and wouldn’t mind picking up my corals too, please let me know!

I will save the large JL for you.
I am trying to create a post on FB, having a hard time adding pics
Sooooo much easier on this site

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Purple Candy Cane…SOLD
Just 2 JOL frags are left
Large rock of watermelon zoas…SOLD
Large colony of Blue Zoas…SOLD

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