Help Me Choose My Next Fish

I’d like to add another fish (or two) to my tank. I’m back down to only two fish and it needs some more activity. I currently have a clown and a yellow corris wrasse.

I’ve been thinking about either a yellow eye kole tang or a melanurus wrasse. My tank is just a bit on the small side for the tang, so I’ve always held off on getting it.

Royal gamma, bi color blenny or lawnmower blenny and a few chromis’s would add a lot of activity in a small tank. If you were to add a tang maybe a little tiny one. I have a yellow in my 60 cube and feel bad for it being in such a small tank.
Another thought would be against a melanarus wrasse since you already have a yellow wrasse. Those fish are pigs and if you don’t feed them enough your cuc becomes tasty snacks. Plus you only need 1 of them for the pests that may get past dipping.

I am in the middle of renewing my cuc and adding a few fish.
So far for fish I am thinking of for my grow out tank
2 lawnmower blennies 1 for my cube and the other to keep grow out cleaner. Acrylic is no fun to clean.
1 green spotted mandarin
3 or 4 chromis
Yellow or melanarus wrasse
Royal gramma

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Forgot about the royal gramma. Tried to add one of those and a lawnmower blenny but they didn’t make it out of QT.

Great suggestions!

Where do folks buy their fish these days? Frags 2 Fishes is right around the corner from me, but it doesn’t look like they’ve got fish in stock.

I like that TSM Aquatics quarantines everything first, but their stock is pretty limited (at least online)

I’ve had good luck at William’s Greenbank, but not sure if he’s open at the moment.

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He does usually have a decent selection. Was hoping for somewhere that quarantines (mostly because I just don’t want to!). Diver’s Den has a Royal Gramma, for $50, plus $60 shipping… no thanks.

I ended up just putting a order in through LiveAquaria. I could not find any green spotted mandarins anywhere else. I didn’t get a royal gramma since I do know they can get territorial and my frag tank is shallow with no rocks but I do have one in my 75 and love it. my Tomini should happy happy again to have tank mates. It will get a lawnmower blenny, 4 chromis, green spotted mandarin and a yellow wrasse. I am hoping with the clean up crew I got along with the lawn mower blenny the acrylic side panels will stay cleaner without my having to intervene as much.

Bill at Greenbank said they expect to get a shipment of fish in the next couple weeks. He and a few other vendors have told me that fish prices are increasing with the increased shipping costs now and how they are charging per box.

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The shipping just kills me on LiveAquaria. I guess is you spend $150 the shipping is free (but you pay a box fee). I’d have to go through the whole quarantine process with them, but I’m home anyway so I guess that’s not a big deal.

I messaged John at F2F to see what he has/can get. Would rather just buy local if I’m going to QT myself anyway.

I should have shot him a message. I checked his site and checked with other places in PA as well. The box fee did kinda get me as well. They charged $9.99 and are shipping in 2 separate boxes. Guess they won’t mix a cuc in the same box as fish. I would think that would be fine with a paper layer in between bags and a 4mil outer bag. Ended up spending more then i wanted and now I gotta get 2 qt tanks setup I think to avoid battling over same species fish.

John doesn’t have any fish in, he’s redoing the fish room. Won’t have any more in stock for at least 6 weeks. I reached out to Mike at ASR and he’s got an order going out for next week.

Right now I think I’m going to ask him to get me a royal gramma and 4 blue/green chromis. That’s probably enough fish, but I’m trying to think what one more fish I’d add. Maybe a blenny…

A fish or two you said haha…

You did go through a period of not cleaning the tank to well so maybe a lawn mower blenny for the lazy days or if you want a little more personality go with a bi color blenny and get a barnacle cluster for it to hide in. I was really on the fence with that fish but went with more purpose then just looks and personality and lawn mowers always make me think of Homer Simpson so it works lol.

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Yeah, I’m going back and forth on it. Now I’m thinking royal gramma, ONE chromis and a tailspot blenny.

I myself keep looking at a kole tang but can’t find a healthy one around here. And I really don’t want to pay shipping for one fish until I decide on others I want.

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I got mine from Just Fish in Bear.

I always forget about Just Fish.

I have had pretty good luck there with fish, but I always feel a bit uneasy because I often see dead or unhappy looking fish in their holding tanks. Their system is one of those huge ones made of acrylic with dividers, etc. The customer service can also be spotty. It depends on the day and the person helping . . . So, I’d rather buy my fish from Frags2Fishes, ASR, or William’s Greenbank, but Just Fish often has a very good selection of fish and I’ve never had a problem with the fish I bring him from there.

Lol yea I try not to go there because the place is not kept up well. And live aquaria lost me with the box fee but they supply almost everyone. I have sourced all my fish through John lately and I think his uv set up works well. He will usually have the fish a week before selling it so that helps too. No issues from there for me. Also my pets mart has had some of the best stock. 2 fish from there have been my best fish yet. They source from liveaquaria now.

Orchid Dottyback would do well in a smaller tank and are less aggressive than other types of Dottybacks. Frags2Fishes could probably get you an aquacultured one from Sea and Reef the next time they place a designer clownfish order.

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Mike at ASR was able to get me the gramma and I also got one chromis. Gotta figure out when I can get up there to pick them up. I need to get my QT setup up and running ASAP.

I thought about a dottyback, I’ll keep that on the list…

Love my Gramma. Model citizen

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