Good deal on lights?

I can pick up 2 Radion xr15 gen 4 pros that are a year old for 600. Includes a short rail kit and hanging kit. Is this a good deal?

Seems like an OK but not great deal to me. Lights were $350 each new, rail kit is $50, hanging kit is $50 each. So new that was $850. What’s it worth after a year of use? Depends on how they were used and maintained.

Add on the fact that a newer generation light just came out.

Thanks Adam that’s why I wanted to check before I got them. Seems like it’s a little on the high side then.

Just did a quick search on Reef2Reef to see what they’re going for over there. Range seems to be ~$275 (+/- $15) for the lights shipped. So it’s a decent deal with the included extras. Maybe you can get them to knock another $50 off?

Yeah that’s what I was thinking I saw a lot came with diffusers for around this price and these do not

Said no deal price was firm think I will have to pass

new g4pro xr15 was 400.
Honestly it is a waste of money to pay extra for that hanging bracket. if they came with rms brackets then I would say that’s a decent deal.
If you are going to spend 300 just spend the extra 120 and get the light that blows away g4 and get the g5 blue. it puts out great par and all channels get fully utilized unlike the older gens that we run ab+ schedule on. Whatever way you go you should be happy. g3 to g5 lights have all been awesome

That’s kinda where I’m at not really saving that much money if spent another 200$ then I have could have those. Maybe I’ll wait for brs to have a sale and pick some up

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I haven’t kept up with what changed in the G5s. I’ll have to look at what’s new and exciting with them.

I have the XR15 G4 Pro over my 50g and I’ve been happy with it.

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I think it’s time to step my light game up as I’m getting into more expensive sps. So have been looking at these

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I would say 500 is a good deal on that set up. If you can wait and want food use out of the light as well as possible add on components. The gen5s have mobious. Where gen4 do not, I think you can get an upgrade kit. But if you have no echotech products I think this software support plays a big role in value. I have gen 4. They work great but with future products coming on mobius I would have waited.

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Ok I think I will wait then do you think I would need 2 or 3 on a std 75 gal tank

Based on what you are considering BRS has some videos on optimizing the light. I would think 2 xr15s would be best to get spread. one xr30 could work as well with maybe sides having a low par. one xr15 may work with a reef right in the center but i think for softies it can work. acros may need more light. Smaller units like kessel pucks def 2 or 3. I have a gen 4 xr15 on a 40 breeder and the sides seem dark.

Ok so I would need two as I have a mixed reef. Thanks now to save up.

I’ll be setting up 3-4 XR15s on my new tank (72") and will let you know how well they cover. I currently have one on my 29 gallon (30"). This is without any camera filters at 50% intensity. The pictures don’t do it justice but hopefully you can see the perimeter of the tank has a decent amount of light.


My 40 breeder with 1 xr15 in the center at 100% ab+ mid day.

Ok so def 2 maybe 3 then. Will wait til Black Friday prolly for a sale hopefully

Just wait for the sale. Ecotech does a 10% sale once or twice a year. With the tank being a standard 75g I would opt for 4 xr15 or 2 xr30s. I would also consider a t5 hybrid setup to prevent shadowing of sps. Us going hybrid gives the best of both worlds that t5 and led have to offer.

I run 2 xr30 g4 and 1 xr15 g5 on a 36Lx24Wx10H tank the xr30s run at 65% and xr15 at 80%. Was running higher to get my 700 to 1000 par but my nutrients kept dropping low so I lowered my intensity to prevent bleaching.

So I could do a hybrid t5 with maybe 2xr 15? I’m not shooting for that high of par I’m thinking 500 or so should be good. Or are you saying just a t5 setup

You can use a hybrid fixture or use a retro kit which would actually be cheaper.
2 xr15 might be enough. Check out the brs videos I think they did the xr15 blue unit.