Getting out unfortunately

Just dont have the time or the ability to do it any more with my tank on its last leg just can’t replace it so looking to sell it all

.Apex El

Apex wav

3 kessiel a306 I have the controller box that connects to to the apex to control lights

48 inch t5 hybrid light rack

Curve bubble magus 7 skimmer

5 gal glass ato res

Tunes osamalatoer 135

2 finiix 200 watt titanium heaters

150 pounds live rock

Filter fleese roller klir di-7

Rs-200 3rd gen sump

75gpd water maker

I’m sure there’s more but let me know will work out a deal if want all of it or per piece hit me up

I’m interested in the heaters. Let me know what the asking price is. Thanks!

Do you have any livestock?

Yes. 65 gallon community reef tank.

I am setting back up my 180 so I am interested in both fish and corals. What do you have and what are you asking price wise?

Sorry Morty. I thought your post was a reply to me from James.

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Sorry to hear you’re getting out James… :frowning: Hope you’ll get back in after the move!

PM sent on wav