Free Cheatomorpha

I have gallon zip lock freezer bag full of Cheatomorpha macro algea if anyone is interested.
First to be able to pick it up gets it. I pull this much out of my sump every couple weeks if you are ever in need don’t hesitate to ask I might be able to get you some.

It will definately have good hitchhikers such as:



Brittle stars
Asterina stars
Bristle worms
Pineapple sponges
Feather dusters

It will definately NOT have any flat worms, nudibranches or red bugs.

Message here or text 302-333-0612
19808 zip code

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I’ll take some off your hands if you have any left?

Welcome to the forum!

Send me a text
It’s yours

I’m near Kirkwood highway and Limestone Road