Frags for sale Updated 4-21

Updated 4-21

Need to make some room in the tank more frags are coming. Shipping is currently available for people in the tri-state area $25. So far I have not had any delays or doa’s. Standard doa warranty. Picture in bag within 2 hours of delivery. I ship only on Tuesday for Wednesday deliveries currently. PayPal/Cash accepted
Picture or videos can be made of any frag in question. I try to capture the colors as best as I can though some colors are tricky to photgraph and not make look fake. Blue and yellow tend to be hard to capture for me.

JF “Unknown” $40 .75-1" healed frag
Purple stylo- 3 chunky frags healed and ready for $35ea. Pics added. More frags can be made cheaper or chunkier.
Vivid Magneto accidental frag $125
Tri-color valida $50 - mini colony

Frog spawn $30/head
WWC strawberry lemonade chalice $25, $35 - the one on the bottom left of picture is sold
JF grizzly grape leptastria $30, $25 smaller frags can be made
Kryptonite trumpets -super bright neon green $10/head only a couple frags will be made of this one and they will be multi head frags.

Shrooms - Anemone - Zoa
Jawbreakers most available are 3 color so please serious inquiries only 2 babies available from my 4 color momma for $100 each for someone trying to get into jawbreakers without the big price tag.
Rainbow bubble tips $30

Have a better pic of the Jf unknown? Know u said hard to get. And may have to get that wd once I get things back in order looks fully encrusted as well?

Jf unknown frag on the left and scripts frag on the right both very nice sized frags. These pics are all daytime under 2 xr30 using ab+ schedule with white,red,green at 24% and blues at 100% with the fixtures at 87% power. Roughly center where the lights are my par ranges from 500 to 800 with the tank flow on

Hmm ok I need to recheck my par as I don’t think I’m near that high.

Under 250 par I noticed the unknown was a deep dark blue with greens in it didnt really show the maroon coloring at all. Higher par has removed the green except at some of the encrusting base areas and added the other color to the body and polyps.

Last I checked I was around 350 but have increased settings. I’m am running black boxes though maybe I should just upgrade my lights

Black boxes are fine from what I have heard. 350 par is a good number. I have high par cause I am trying to pull the colors out on some of my higher end pieces after talking to the vendors they came from. I am also now trying to maintain my no3 around 10 to 15ppm and po4 0.04 to 0.06 to allow the higher par numbers without burning up the corals.

Ok I plan on rescaping in the next week or so if you still have it I will likely get the WD. My nitrates tend to stay around .08-.1

Bump. Motivated to sell some things g5 lights are out and 1 has been ordered. Though I feel the prices are more then fair package deals can be made.

stuff looks just like his pictures if not better. Will def but from again. Thanks again


Have any frogspawn left by chance?

Yes I do Adam. How many heads were you looking for?

Just one or two heads would need them shipped if you could.

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Updated the list again. Thank you everyone.
Shipping has been going well still some have been delayed to early afternoon with zero fatlities.