Frag Swaps 2021?

Any frag swaps happening this year??

Maybe Fall/Winter? I’d give it <50% chance though. They’re always really jammed together events.

Total guess though.

The only thing I have heard of remotely close to a swap is an event that Jon Swanson organized in Connecticut. It’s a super cool idea and they are calling it a road trip. Here is the link to the FaceBook post:

Basically they have organized the regular vendors of the ‘New England Frag Farmers Market’ to offer special deals and be stopping points in a network of vendors. People can head out for this road trip and stop at as many of the places they can on that day to buy corals. I believe some hobbies are setting up at some of the vendors locations as well. It’s a super cool idea and am seriously thinking about a road trip.

I certainly miss going to the swaps. I think we are a while away from hosting our own. But if we come up with some creative ideas who knows what we could organize.