Frag Auction Fridays

Frags 2 Fishes conducts online coral frag auctions starting every Friday evening. I have participated in 2 auctions so far and had some winning bids. The frags pics are WYSIWYG, and I am very pleased with the quality of the corals.
Winning bids are shipped overnight and they do an excellent job of packing up the frags. I just received 3 frags yesterday and even though it was very cold outside, the frags arrived looking very well.
Try checking it out if you weren’t aware of this.


Thanks John! Frags 2 Fishes is a club sponsor. Please support those who support you!

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Frags 2 fishes is great. I’m in there for pickups once or twice a month. You can find everything from super rare torches to Xenia.

Frags2Fishes is awesome!

I have made many purchases though the auctions and in person.

I just scored an orange frogspawn on the last auction