Floor support for 180gal

So I am thinking of picking up a 180 gal tank it’s listed for 500$ with a stand. I would prolly build my own stand. My biggest concern is can my floor support it. It would be in my sun room over my basement. If I put it across the floor joints would it be ok.

That would depend on factors such as the size, spacing, and condition of the floor joists.

House is 6 years old so condition is fine. Spacing I’m not sure I think 16in as we finished the basement

Right up front, I’m not a structural engineer or professional builder, so - keep that in mind. If your joists are 2X10 or 2X12 and are 16" on center, I think you would be OK. But to be on the safe side, you might want to consult with an expert. Maybe there is an online source of that type of advice?

My experience is that I had a 90 gallon and two 46 gallon tanks on a stand I built sitting against the wall. The stand was running across the floor joists, which were 2X12s that were 16" on center. That set up was in place for over 10 years, and the floor did not sag at all.

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I recently got a 180 gallon, did my research, and spoke to a family member who has been a general contractor for 30+ years. I’d recommend you reinforce the joints. There are a few ways to do this (sister the joists, lally columns w\beam, stick frame wall) at different price points but I’d add some extra support. I have my 180 up against and exterior wall and then added support ~ 32" off of that wall. The tank sits in the middle which doesn’t allow the joists to sag.

KenK brought up an important point. The problem isn’t that the tank will go crashing through the floor. The main problem is that the floor could sag over time holding up ~1500lbs+. That in turn puts uneven pressure on the tank seals which could cause leaks over time. Just as an example, carpenters do add additional structural support for bathtubs which are a similar size, hold less water, (~75 gallons water + persons weight = ~800-900lbs) and aren’t full 24x7.

Since you are considering building your own stand it sounds like you are somewhat handy.
In my case adding floor support was less of an ordeal than building my own stand or moving a 180 gallon tank into place. Houses are over-engineered so people do get away without adding support.

Be sure to post pictures if you do pick up the tank!

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So I decided I’m not gonna get the tank. Just don’t have the time to set it and switch everything over. Not mention I’m not set up ideally to do that big of water changes as I don’t have a holding tank for it. I thought about buying it cuz I feel it’s a good price and holding on to it but don’t want it taking up the space.