Fireworks Clove Polyps

Does anyone know where to get Fireworks Clove Polyps locally? I’ve seen pictures of them and they look stunning.


frags to fishes would probably be my first guess for these.

I have a bunch of them

How much for a few(frag sample)?

I may also be interested in some. What are you looking to get? Open to any trades?

Also interested in getting a frag

Just saw these on world wide corals fragtoberfest thing. If you can’t connect up.

Hey all I just fragged them last night I’ll let you know when they are attached and ready to go

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Also interested!!

I have 5-6 frags now available most have 3-5 polyps per frag. Looking for $30 per frag.

Still have frags left with at least 5 polyps on each frag

Are these invasive like gsp?

They grow quickly but can be removed. I use my coral cutters and pull them off the rock. They don’t grow as quick as GSP.

Here is a pic of the frags. Let me know if anyone is still interested.

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These looked real nice when I saw them a few weeks ago!
By the way, the acroporas and utter chaos are doing well.
Thanks again

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How do these grow in close proximity to zoas? I’ve got a patch of invasive zoas I wouldn’t mind replacing with these :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that Donavon!

Not sure how they would do around Zoas. Sorry

I would also like to know how they grow when close to other coral types. Anything to be aware of. Will it surround a acro frag and kill it. Will it run over an existing zoa patch ? How about something like q pulsing Zenia. I am sure I can Google husbandry matches qnd non matches but I would like to hear yours qnd others experiences around me.

Sorry my fingers hit q and not a

I would like a frag where are you located?

So they can grow fast but you can also trim them back. I use coral cutters to pull them off where I don’t want them. They grow by shooting out straight legs that grow additional polyps. They don’t seem to bother any other corals. I live in Newark De