Fiji sump 45 jbj aio used for salee


I have a Fiji sump I am looking to sell for $150
If you can’t tell by the picture I can send some details. I can also answer and questions as well.

I also have a 45 jbj AIO that is free but you got to come get it and I have not cleaned it since tear down. No poc atm.

I also have a 40 breeder and stand for free as well also not cleaned.

I’m in middletown de. If the tanks are not taken at some point I will toss them as due to my physical condition I am unable to work on them



Hello. I am interested in the sump. I am in Middletown as well. I’m new so I don’t know how to direct message yet.

If you click on a username there is a button for message :slight_smile:

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All items have been sold thanks.

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