Few frags for sale

2x JF Unknown 3/4-1" $40
1x asd rainbow milli 3/4-1" $40
2x vivid magneto $140, $175. Vivid sells nubs for $250
1 vivid chrome table 3/4-1" $75 Vivid no longer has their colony.
2x hawkins enchinata these have fully colored up since the pictures were taken 1" $30
1 CC banana hammock 1-1.25" $150
1 my personal unknown 1"+ multi branch $30
1 purple stylopora 4.25x3" mini colony $45
1 green scripts multi branched and encrusted $35
JF Homewrecker can cut 1 frag .5 to 1" $150-250
2 head Orange indo hammer aquacultured not a fresh indo import.

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took some more pictures today with the new light fixture so hopefully they look even better.
Vivid Chrome table, from vivid direct. extremely hairy main body is darker pink with peach and pastel pink coralites(par plays a big role here ime peach is 500+ par) a green base where it is shadowed.

Vivid Magneto. This one has sometimes changes colors in the newer growth areas with blue to a purplish pink color to more pink in the body with yellow coralites. Vivids pictures make it look a deeper blue but this picture i think matches best for true color.

This one is under just blue. Yellow is not a color I can get to show right even with 20k in adjustment on my white balance and filters alter the other colors

WWC strawberry limeade encrusted over the sides of a 1.25" disc. $35

TGC Red Wing Milli. If someone wanted to get a high end piece that is hard that stands out, look no farther. This is a true red milli with red polyps.

Large rainbow trachy/wellso brain

Here is a reduced price package deal $270
From top row left to right
Pinky the bear, Asd rainbow milli
Bottom row left to right
Vivid chrome table, Vivid magneto, hawkins

I’m building out a Euphyllia tank. Are they still available and what are your prices?
Thanks, Calvin

I will take the strawberry limeade. And the asd rainbow. Let me know when we can meet up. Next Saturday???

@MarineMike5 Asd is ready to go. Strawberry limeade I will have to make a frags.

@Calvin pm sent

Strawberry limeade is NOT what the picture is. Encrusted on 1 1/2 " disk like the picture? Send me a picture of exactly what I’m buying please. IM me

That frag in the picture got stung by a neighboring frag. Lobo wins against chalice. So a new frag would have to be made. Chalices I typically wait a month for healing to make sure they will make it and fully heal.

I don’t want a chalice. I would like ADS and strawberry lime aide. They love like Sps or acros.

The strawberry limeade I have is a wwc chalice. I do have a bunch of sticks. I may possibly make 1 or 2 small cheap confetti frags as well.
If you want the ASD rainbow I am available for pick up this weekend.

Send me a PM for your address and avalible times Saturday. Thanks

Hey Mike,
I did not bring the frag with me so if you are coming today just text me a time you were planning on and I can grab it.

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Sorry about the confusion. See you next Saturday at 2. Send me some more pictures.

How small and cheap for a confetti frag

I can do a small no branches one for around 100. I may have a nicer double branching one coming up but probably in the 250 to 300 range. Going to frag that 1 tonight

Ok I would prolly do the 100$ one

I’ll let you know soon as I get one cut ill try to get a decent frag made

Sounds good just let me know.

Any frogaspawn frags available. If so about what size and price ? Also “pinky bear” is that a milli? How much ?

Thanks. They all look amazing.