Does anyone know where to find a Peacock Mantis Shrimp?

I recently lost my peacock mantis shrimp after a power strip failed when I was away on vacation. I am looking for another one but they seem to be unavailable online (even on websites that say they’re in stock). If anyone has seen one at their LFS or knows a store willing to take requests please let me know. Even stores I have called aren’t sure they can get a hold of one. (not sure why. maybe problems exporting from Indonesia?). Plus it would be great to see the specimen in person before purchasing. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried Frags 2 Fishes?

If not them maybe marinecollectors.con or Salgado aquatics

Thanks for the recommendations. I reached out to frags2fishes and they pointed me to a facebook post by someone looking to sell theirs in NJ. Im picking it up tomorrow!

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Awesome! It’s all about the network :slight_smile:

Post a pic once you get the new one!

Not sure if your still looking for one but found this company that looks like they have them