Club Officer Elections!

We went right through November and with the big national election, I totally forgot it is also time for OUR election! Every year we nominate members who will help guide and lead the club for the next year. We’re now accepting nominations for:

President (Nominees: @Donavon)
Vice President (Nominees: @TheProfessor)
Treasurer (Nominees: @reefzig)
Secretary (Nominees: @SizzleFun)

These roles are on a volunteer basis and last for a one year term.

After three years as the club President, and two years as Vice President I will be stepping down from the board in an official capacity, but will still continue to keep the forum running. I nominate Donavon for the position of President, Ed for the position of VP and Marty for Treasurer.

Please post your nominations! You can absolutely nominate yourself and you do not have to accept a nomination if you don’t wish to serve in the role.

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Thanks for all you have done for the club Adam. Thanks for spearheading the website and the commitment to continue supporting us with it.

I accept the nomination for President and encourage anyone wishing to get involved to step up we have a secretary position that should be filled as well, does anyone have a nomination or nominations for Secretary, or additional nominations for other positions?

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Whoops! Added it to the first post.

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I’ll second Donavon’s comments — I really appreciate everything that Adam has done for the club. Glad he can take a break from official duties but also glad to hear he will continue to be involved in the hobby.

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I’d be willing to help as secretary.

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I don’t mind helping wherever is needed. Just let me know. I don’t log onto the forum often but am always following on Facebook.


Donavon’s the man…him and Adam have breathed new life into this club,I don’t have much to do with this group…but I give it high praise for the much improved atmosphere here in the last few yrs…

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I agree with Adam’s nominations!

All sounds good. Looking forward to an exciting year. PLEASE

Last few days for nominations! We may wind up uncontested, which will mean we won’t take a formal vote.

Congratulations to our 2021 Board of Directors!

President: @Donavon
Vice President: @TheProfessor
Treasurer: @reefzig
Secretary: @SizzleFun

Thank you for supporting the club and we look forward to your leadership!