Aiptasia Zapper

Does anyone around Newark have an Aiptasia zapper I could borrow? I have a few Aiptasia I would like gone. I’ve been telling myself to kalk the pests, but have yet to get around to it.

Also, what’s your experience?


Peppermint shrimp eradicated aiptasia for me however they killed my rock flower anemones :frowning:

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Hey Bret, I have one and I live in Newark. I purchased it and used it to zap my aptasia. What I found was the more that I zapped the more new aptasia popped up. Turns out that when you zap them they send spores out and new ones grow. Before I knew it I had hundreds in my tank. I bought 20 peppermint shrimp from Salty Bottom Reef and they cleaned the aptasia completely out in 2 months. Get yourself 2-3 peppermint shrimp do not zap them!!!