180 Gallon Reef Setup/Repair - Scratches on Glass

Hi all! My name is Matt (mortyn02) and for those of your who don’t know me I used to be very active with the reef club a few years ago, however life got very busy so the hobby had to take a back seat. I am now looking to set back up my 180 gallon display tank and noticed some scratches on my front glass that I am not sure I want to live with given it will be a display tank. So I figured I have two options, either buff out the scratches (I have been reading online about this and people say don’t waste your time doing this) or possibly replacing the front glass panel. I am leaning towards replacing the front glass panel but would not feel comfortable doing this myself as I could see disaster striking and my basement flooding :slight_smile:. Does anyone in the club know anyone who professionally repairs aquariums and may be able to do this?

Any help/recommendations would be appreciated!

Hey Matt! Great to hear from you and welcome back!

Hi Matt,glad you are getting back in the game. Hope you can get that tank setup again. Good luck with it.

Welcome back Matt! Sorry I have no suggestions on the tank repair but once you get set up look me up for some start up coral. I’ll take care of you

Welcome back Matt.
I don’t know of any places nearby that do glass repair like that at all and buffing glass I didnt think was even a option and honestly the labor to do either is probably so extensive that buying a new tank would probably be the cheaper less painful route. On glass do they fill the scratch in with a superglue then wet sand it with 5000 or something along those lines? You would need some type of clear filler for the scratch and I can only think of 2 things you could use and both are both basically the same I believe. Windshield repair kit for when you have a star in the glass. Pretty sure its made from the same thing as super glue.

Nice to meet you Matt! Personally I would try to buff them out. If it works - great! If not you could try to purchase a used tank if you are willing to wait for a deal.

There was an interesting post Donovan recently made on resealing a 75 gallon, but he is clearly more handy than me. You’d have to price out the cost of getting the new piece of glass plus materials.

Hey Matt, If you recall my 280 build it took forever, but I did it the way I wanted and I did it properly after 2 tries, lol. If you have time and want to experience it. I suggest you do it and learn from it as I did. The glass will be a little bit expensive, but it still cheaper then buying a whole tank, unless you can get the tank for cheap of course or if you have the funds to get a new one. If you want to go that route let me know I can help you out. As for sanding or buffing out the scratches I’m not sure, I never try it. I’m sure there may be something on YouTube that may help or show you how to do it. Good luck on the rebuild. Let me know if you need anything.

You tube has some videos of people replacing the front glass panel…U can get cheap GE silicone from HD or LOwes (type1 I believe ) and do it yourself…problem I think is gonna be finding the glass around here…

Thanks everyone is good to be back! I am looking forward to catching back up with everyone and becoming more involved! I have decided the scratches are not that bad and I was being too picky. I am going to set the tank up as is and if I can’t live with it down the road I will get a new tank when this whole pandemic blows over. I had a special order with that fish place since August for a 180 reef ready but they are now telling me they don’t even have an option to order the tank through their vendor. I will try and post some pics this weekend of the setup. Thanks again all for the advice and warm wishes back!


another thought- make the front-the back…?

The tank has two corner overflows!!

I have decided to setup the tank as is regardless of the scratches. Now that I have the tank in place it is not as bad as I was originally thinking. I am excited to get things setup!

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